On-site Interpreting

On-site interpreting – what is it and how do I book?

On-site interpreting means that the interpreter is with you on site. The interpreter’s task is to interpret everything that is being said as if it were the speaker himself who said it. The interpreter’s role is to be an unnoticed filter that is discreetly present and makes what is said understandable. For on-site interpreting, the interpreter often needs to travel and we are happy to help you coordinate the assignments so that they are done as effectively as possible for you as a customer.

When is an on-site interpreter the best alternative?

We particularly recommend on-site interpreting in the following situations:

  • interpreting in court, where simultaneous interpreting is normally required,
  • in conversations with very young children, mentally ill people and people with hearing loss.

What should I consider when hiring an on-site interpreter?

Make sure that you, your discussion partner and the telephone are positioned forming a triangle. The interpreter should be at the tip of the triangle and you and the person you are talking to should sit opposite each other in order to be able to make eye contact during the conversation. Speak clearly and calmly and not too long at a time.

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