Language Translator in Dhaka

High-quality translation and authentic attestation for worry-free official submission

Accepted translation service for your specific purpose

  • Translation services are accepted by Embassies
  • Translators are educated & experienced
  • Online Translation services
  • Quality and compliance duly followed
  • Certified document translation services
  • Bangla-English plus 40 other languages
  • Home delivery / Postal delivery

Translated doucments duly processed and certified

  • Translated content is printed either on company letterhead
  • Your source/main paper in photocopy is attached to translated paper
  • Source/main paper in photocopy and translated paper are marked with our firm’s ‘Service No.’ for authenticity
  • Our translator puts signature and his seal on translated paper
  • A valid notary public attest the translated paper with his seal
  • A translator certificate/affidavit is given declaring that the translator is capable of translating

List of some documents usually required for translation and attestation

Land document translation

  1. Agreement
  2. Conditional Deed
  3. Conveyance Deed
  4. DCR, Land Tax
  5. Deed Details
  6. Deed Summary
  7. Land Development Tax
  8. Land Holding Tax
  9. Mutation Khatian
  10. Mutation Recommendation
  11. Sale Deed

Legal document translation

  1. Affidavit
  2. Agreement
  3. Assets Valuation
  4. Decree & Judgement
  5. Power of Attorney
  6. Sponsorship

Educational document translation

  1. Admit Card
  2. Certificate
  3. Mark-sheet

Government document translation

  1. Acts, Gazette
  2. Govt S.R.O
  3. Rules,Laws, Notification
  4. Trade Licence

Commercial document translation

  1. Trade License
  2. MSDS
  3. Machinery handbook
  4. Marketing booklet
  5. Memorandum / By-Law
  6. Service rules

Medical document translation

  1. Medical report
  2. Pharmaceutical literature
  3. Prescription

Technical document translation

  1. Deed and Agreement
  2. Deed of Partnership
  3. House Rent Agreement
  4. Joint Venture Agreement
  5. Name change/correction Affidavit
  6. Sponsorship Deed/Agreement

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