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A model translation page (certified translation)

There are some lawful process and usual practice as to how you should submit your translated documents for visa to an Embassy.

  • Translated content is printed either on plain page or company letterhead as required to suit your purpose
  • Your source/main paper in photocopy is always attached to translated paper
  • Source/main paper in photocopy and translated paper are marked with our firm’s ‘Service No.’ for authenticity (please note that on some occasions, offices or Embassies inquire about the translated papers)
  • Our translator puts signature and his seal on translated paper
  • A valid notary public attest the translated paper with his seal
  • A translator certificate/affidavit is given declaring that the translator is capable of translating and enclosed translation is true and accurate (please note that our translator has English language/literature and legal background)
  • Other necessary seals are carefully provided
  • A recheck is always made before packing to make sure every process, seal and signature is duly made and nothing missed out
  • Now you take a complete ready translation documents with home delivery