Conference interpreting

Great conferences are remembered for their content, organisation and learnings. Interpreting is a central aspect of making sure your conference or event is a success.

man standing in front of people sitting on red chairs

In a nutshell, a conference interpreter is someone who can speak one language while listening to a second language at the same time. As anyone who speaks a second language will tell you, doing this under pressure, while making sure the relevant information is presented clearly, is a genuine skill. A professional interpreter will relay the message with the same delivery style, tone and convictions of the speaker.

For an attendee, it means the ability to communicate with freedom, without having to worry about dumbing down a message or losing important details and information in regional nuances. Crisp, clear, understandable communication, in other words.

Do you need help with interpreting at a conference?

Reach out to us and let us know how we can help you with interpreting.

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